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The Franklin High School Band, NC

Franklin High School

100 Panther Drive

Franklin, NC 28734

(828) 524 - 6467 (school)

(828) 342 - 6613 (cell)

Director of Bands : Mr. Buddy Huckabee

 The Franklin High School Marching Panther Regiment Band

The New Orleans Sugar Bowl /

Jackson Square, Louisiana

National Champion Band:

2020 Franklin High School

Marching Panther Regiment Band

The 2021 Field Competition Show:

  The 2021-22 Marching Panther Regiment Calendar


  Fri. March 19

  AWAY FOOTBALL GAME - FHS @ Brevard HS - (A Pep Band will Travel - 4pm)

  4pm - 12

 Fri. March 26

  AWAY FOOTBALL GAME - FHS @ East Henderson HS (*Band will Travel - 1:30pm)

 1:30pm - 12

March 27 - April 4

Spring Break / No School/

NOTICE: THERE IS A HOME GAME ON FRIDAY, APRIL 2nd. - It is HOMECOMING. Any student that is in town and wants to come to the game and play in the pep band need to be at school by 5:15pm

  5:15pm - 10pm


 Fri. April 2


(Any student that is in town and wants to come to the game to play in the pep band need to be at school for warmup by 5:15pm. This is NOT a mandatory game due to spring break)

  5:15pm - 10pm

 Fri. April 9


  5:15pm - 10pm

Mon. April 12

2021 Marching Band Leadership Auditions! Good Luck to all our students going out for Leadership 2021!


  Mon. May 10

FHS Band Spring Concert (*There will be 2 in order to allow for social distancing in the audience*)

6:00pm - All Freshmen and Junior Family and Friends are invited to attend the concert at 6pm!

7:15pm - All Sophomores and Senior Family and Friends are invited to attend the concert at 7:15pm

We will clear out the auditorium after the first performance in order to adequately clean and sanitaize the auditorium our next audience. Parents should be ready to pick up their students around 8pm.

6:00pm - Show 1

7:15pm - Show 2

 Fri. May 28

  Last Day of School for 2021 - Have a wonderful summer break! Stay safe!


  Wed. July 28

  All 2021 Leadership Students report to the band room to prepare for camp! (1pm - 5pm)

  1pm - 5pm

Thurs. July 29 -

Fri. July 30

All ROOKIES/FRESHMAN Report to Camp! - Anyone that has never marched for the Panther Regiment will need to come to camp to learn all the basics you need to have a successful band season! We can not wait to have you join us! You are about to experience the best times of your life... HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND!!

Everyone will need to bring your lunch! For everyones' safety, NO ONE is allowed to leave during camp times / on any band camp days

 9am - 4pm


Mon. August 2 - Through -

Fri. August 6th

FULL BAND CAMP WEEK 1 - Everyone that wants to be part of this award winning program must be at BOTH weeks of band camp in order to participate!

Students will register and pay their fees/uniform obligations on their perspective registration date. Students will also fill out health forms, permission forms, and get sized/pay for their uniform parts, shoes, shirts, etc. on registration day.

Freshmen Registration and Fees - Tuesday August 3rd (8am - 9am)

Sophomore Registration and Fees - Wednesday August 4th (8am - 9am)

Junior Registration and Fees - Thursday August 5th (8am - 9am)

Senior Registration and Fees - Friday August 6th (8am - 9am)

2021 Band Fees / Obligations: (Please remember that you may sign up for a payment plan with the front office for fees, but all fees must be paid before final grades are submitted in December. The band is "hoping" to plan a trip soon... therefore, all Band Fees MUST BE PAID before any trip money/deposits can be accepted.

Also, we are planning to do as much "back to normal" as we can, so fees will reflect those from 2 years ago. These fees are good for the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR, and include JAZZ AND CONCERT/SYMPHONIC BANDS for that one price! You definitely get a bargain!

$ 300.00 - Band Fees for the 2021-22 School Year (*If cancellations due to Covid occur, students will get credits as needed to their accounts for future fees/trips.)

$ 80.00 - Fresh/ Sophs Uniform Pants purchase (Sophomores did not purchase last yr due to Covid)

$ 20.00 - Band Competition T-shirts - (Required for every competition, away game, and some parades

$ 35.00 - Marching Shoes

(*You may set up a plan for the band fees, but all uniform parts must be ordered ASAP so they arrive in time for our performances!) These need to be paid FIRST.... Fees can be in payment plans :) WE WILL WORK WITH YOU, JUST SPEAK WITH MR. HUCK!!!  

  8:30am - 6pm

Mon. August 9 -


Fri. August 13

 FULL BAND CAMP WEEK 2 - Everyone is required to be at camp this week in it's entirety 

  8:30 - 6pm

  Thurs. Aug 12

Annual FHS Regiment PARENT EXTRAVAGANZA PERFORMANCE - 5:00pm - (TBA in the Gym)

(*This is our annual parent preview show. Parents have a chance to see what the show is all about, and sign up to help our booster club in concessions, prop building, sewing, painting, etc. We would love to have as many parents involved as possible. We need you for all our competitions from feeding students, helping with props, helping with front ensemble, uniforms, etc...(the more the merrier!)


 Tues. Aug. 17

  FULL Marching Regiment Band PRACTICE - 

  9am - 12 Noon

  Thurs. Aug. 19

  FULL Marching Regiment Band PRACTICE - 

  9am - 12 Noon

  Fri. Aug. 20

 HOME FOOTBALL GAME - FHS vs. Murphy HS (meet at 5pm)      

  5pm - 10pm

  Fri. Aug. 23

 First Day of School / No Band Practice tonight. Band practices will start on August 30th (every Monday)

  Fri. Aug 27

 HOME FOOTBALL GAME - FHS vs. Hayesville HS (Meet at 5pm)         

   5pm - 10pm

Mon. May 30

 Monday Night FULL BAND Practice - 5:30pm - 8:00pm

 5:30pm - 8:00


  Fri. Sept. 3

 Away Football Game - FHS @ Swain HS (Pep Band Travels only - optional game)  

Meet @ 3:15pm

  Mon. Sept. 6

  Labor Day Holiday - No School - No Band Rehearsal

  Fri. Sept 10

  Open Date / No Game Scheduled Today

 Sat. Sept 11



 9am - 6pm

  Mon. Sept. 13

**** Monday Night FULL BAND Practice - 5:30pm - 8:00pm

4pm- 8:00pm 

  Fri. Sept 17


 5pm - 10pm

  Sat. Sept 18


Location and Time TBA (pending board approval)  


  Mon. Sept. 20

*WNC Far West Marching Band Exhibition Performance

Andrews HS - After School Competition trip performance    

4pm - ??

  Fri. Sept. 24

 HOME FOOTBALL GAME - FHS vs. TUSCOLA HS (Meet at 5pm)               

 5pm - 10pm

  Sat. Sept 25

 NO COMPETITION TODAY... RELAX and ENJOY your weekend off.... :)

  Mon. Sept. 27

 Monday Night FULL BAND Practice - 5:30pm - 8:00pm 

5:30pm - 8:00pm 


 Fri. Oct.1

 Away Football Game - FHS @ Pisgah HS - (Pep Band Travels Only - Optional Game)

 Meet @ 3:30pm

  Sat. Oct 2

 "Lake Lanier Tournament of Bands" -

Chestatee High School - Gainesville, GA


  Mon. Oct 4

  Monday Night FULL BAND Practice - 5:30pm - 8:00pm

  5:30 - 8:00pm

  Fri. Oct. 8

 We will NOT travel to the Away Game at East Henderson today in order to be rested for our competition

   Sat. Oct. 9


Location and Time TBA     


  Mon. Oct. 11

  OUR LAST Monday night FULL BAND Practice of the Season - 5:30pm - 8:00pm 

5:30pm - 8:00pm

 Fri. Oct. 15


THIS IS OUR SENIOR NIGHT!! - (Meet at 5pm)

  5pm - 10pm

  Sat. Oct. 16


Sprayberry High School, Marietta, GA


 Fri. Oct. 22

  Away Football Game - FHS @ West Henderson - (*Pep Band Only - Optional Game)

  3:30pm - 12

 Sat. Oct 23

 "The Branch Classic Marching Competition"

Flowery Branch High School, Flowery Branch, GA


 Fri. Oct. 29

 Away Football Game - FHS @ TC Roberson HS (*Pep Band Only - Optional Game)


  Fri. Nov. 5

  Home Playoff Game Possible - Keep this date open for a home game if needed

 Thurs. Nov. 11

   Veteran's Day Community Performance / Parade - Time TBA (No School) Full Band 

  Time TBA

  Fri. Nov. 12

  Home Playoff Game Possible - Keep this date open for a home game if needed

 Fri. Nov. 18 

   Home Playoff Game Possible - Keep this date open for a home game if needed

Thurs Nov 24 -

Mon. Nov. 28

   Thanksgiving Break (No School these days)

  Sun. Nov. 28

  Franklin Town Christmas Parade Performance

  Time TBA​


   Mon. Dec. 6

 FHS Band Annual Christmas Concert in the FHS Auditorium -

Roll [email protected] 6:30 - Concert at 7pm

Fri. Dec 17 -


Tues. Jan 4th

 Christmas Break - No School until January 5th

            2021 Marching Band Competition Itineraries / Directions: (**** TENTATIVE ****)

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Competition TBA...............

(Itineraries will be posted here

a week before contest)

Monday, September 20, 2021

Far West Marching Band Preview

Andrews High School - Andrews, NC

(all local bands perform today....)

(*Itineraries will be posted here

a week before contest)

Saturday, October 2, 2021

"Lake Lanier Tournament of Bands"

Chestatee High School - Gainesville, GA

(*Itinerary will be posted here

a week before contest)

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Competition Information for this date

will be COMING SOON... Check back... 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

"Southern Invitational Marching Band Championships

Sprayberry High School

Marietta, GA

(*Itineraries will be posted here

a week before contest)

Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Branch Classic

Flowery Branch High School

Flowery Branch, GA

Itinerary posted here when available....

LOCATION TBA - COMING SOON....Check back later

Directions to Andrews High School

Andrews, NC

Directions to Chestatee High School

Gainesville, Georgia

Location TBA - COMING SOON... Check back later...

Directions to Sprayberry High School

Southern Invitational Championships

Marietta, GA

    Directions to Flowery Branch High School

"The Branch Classic Competition"

Flowery Branch, GA


2021 Panther Regiment Leadership Team!!:

Drum Majors - Sam Ledford, Tyler Martin, Jacob Cabe, Gabe Pangle, Connor Cooper

Equipment Coordinators - Traveler Shaw

Uniform Coordinator - Tanner Welch

Head Librarians - Emma Browning and Caitlyn Phillips

Band Counselor - Ilah Williams

Marching Coordinator - Alesen Perez

Brass Coordinator - Will Cerri

Woodwind Coordinator - Alesen Perez

Flute Section Leader - Crystal Hernandez

Clarinet Section Leader - Alesen Perez

Alto Sax Section Leader - TBA

Trumpet / Mellophone Section Leaders - Rayvon Bishop / Carlos Herrera-Hernandez (Co-Section Leaders)

Trombone Section Leader - Ethan Moore

Baritone Section Leader - Connor Cooper

Tuba / Tenor Sax / Bari Sax / Bass Clarinet Section leader - Bernie Cerri

Front Ensemble Section Leader - TBA (will be announced after the Drumline/Front Ensemble upcoming camp dates)

Battery Captains - TBA (will be announced after the Drumline/Front Ensemble upcoming camp dates)

Colorguard Captains - Co-Captains - Jimmy Passmore / Emily Hanners -- Asst. - Isbrielle Crawford

Past Shows Under Mr. Huckabee's Direction:

2002 - An American Fantasy

2003 - Lord of the Rings

2004 - Around the World in 8 Minutes - (2005 Gator Bowl Silver Division Grand Champions!) - Jacksonville, FL

2005 - Pirates of the Caribbean

2006 - Phantom of the Opera

2007 - Imagination: The Music of Dr. Seuss - (2008 Velero Alamo Bowl Silver Division Grand Champions) San Antonio,TX

2008 - "Jack's Twisted Christmas" - from The Nightmare Before Christmas

2009 - Once Upon a Dream: The Music from Disney's Fantasmic

2010 - "Remembrance: A Tribute to Pearl Harbor"

2011 - The Sunday Crossword - (2012 Gator Bowl Silver Division Grand Champions) - Jacksonville, FL

2012 - Believe: The Music of the Polar Express

2013 - The Heist

2014 - We Wanna Rock!

2015 - The Eye of Egypt (AutoZone Liberty Bowl Halftime Performance with country music SuperStar Craig Morgan) Memphis, TN

2016 - Seasons of Love

2017 - Don't Look Under the Bed

2018 - The Traitor

2019 - "The Immortal" - (2020 AllState Sugar Bowl / Jackson Square NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!) - New Orleans, LA

2020 - " The Greatest Showman" 

2021 - "Coming Home: A Tribute to our Troops"

Pictured Above: The 2019-2020 Marching Panther Regiment traveled to New Orleans,LA for the 2020 AllState Sugar Bowl. While there, they grabbed all 1st Place Captions (Marching, Music, Auxillary, Drum Major, Percussion, and General Effect) in their Division, and was crowned the Sugar Bowl / Jackson Square performing National Champions (out of all 14 band participants) for the best band performance in New Orleans! Way to represent guys! They were able to participate in a Mardi Gras New Orleans Style masquerade ball (where the awards banquet was held).

Franklin High School's most visible and notable performing group is the FHS Marching Panther Regiment Band. Pictured above, the students and staff members enjoy a day at the beach following several first place awards at the 2012 Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida (January 2012). The band has won many other first place awards throughout the southeast, including the 2005 Gator Bowl, the 2008 Valero Alamo Bowl, the 2012 Toyota Gator Bowl, and various other local and regional competitions. The Marching Panther Regiment can be seen various times throughout the fall semester from western and central North Carolina, to Atlanta Georgia and occasional trips to Florida. The band students that register are required to participate in any and all mandatory events, competitions, concerts, parades, etc, as well as attend a MANDATORY summer camp in July.